MDF or Solid Wood Bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities

If you need to remodel your master bathroom or powder room , then shopping for a new bathroom vanity is a great place to start. The type of vanity you choose can completely transform a bathroom’s aesthetics and pull the space together with ease. We’re offering some tips and tricks for finding the best bathroom vanity to suit your personal sense of style.

General information:

Bathroom vanities generally have the following measurements and qualities.

  • Height: Bathroom vanities are generally between 31 and 36 inches.
  • Width: Bathroom vanities are generally between 12 and 84 inches wide, popular models are generally between 24 and 60 inches.
  • Depth: Bathroom vanities are generally between 18 and 24 inches.

Smaller bathrooms and powder rooms look best with petite bathroom vanities and single sinks. (Optimal widths range from narrow 24 inch styles to slightly broader 36-inch designs.) A 30 inch bathroom vanity is a popular option for smaller areas and offers at least some countertop space for bathroom sets. Depending on your bathroom’s dimensions and your personal preferences, you may want to spring for a 42 inch or 48 inch single-sink vanity for a little more elbow room. (Check out for different styles and sizes.)

Tips for Countertop:

Confused about what type of countertop is best for your bathroom? It ultimately depends on the room’s traffic, your styling preferences, and your overall budget. For high-traffic master and secondary bathrooms, you’ll likely want countertops that are resistant to stains and built for durability (think granite and white quartz.) If you’re shopping for a smaller guest bathroom or powder room that won’t see as much regular use, then you can go with Integrated ceramic sink or Acrylic Composite sink, both good economical choices that are relatively easy to install.

When selecting a vanity top, it’s important to make sure that you choose a design that suits your style as well as your bathroom’s dimensions. A vanity top generally adds about an inch to the vanity’s size, so keep this in mind when narrowing down your options to ensure that the top you choose will work in the available space. Ideally, vanity tops should be an inch wider and deeper than the vanity cabinet itself. Taking the time to measure your bathroom space is especially important when you’re mixing and matching tops and bases – and it’s an essential part of finding the perfect fit.

Tip: When in doubt, quartz is always a smart option. It’s just as durable as concrete and granite, and its non-porous finish is more resistant to stains and bacteria.

MDF OR Solid Wood Vanity:

MDF" is one of the most economical materials in cabinet construction, and that’s its true benefit. In the past, its durability came into question especially when placed in humid bathroom conditions. But when finished properly, MDF can be used in the bathroom with few if any problems. That’s the rub, though: MDF is a comparatively inconsistent material, due to variance in the fiber sizes and qualities of the many different woods used to make the material, and so it’s hard to determine how “well finished” an individual board may be.

MDF is commonly found in cheaper vanity cabinets, and although it is usually fine, it’s not the best choice for your bathroom. It’s best to keep your MDF cabinets in the kitchen and other drier environments.

Solid wood" is a totally different material from natural wood. It is a sort of manufactured wood that uses pure fine wood pulp from a single oak or maple source, which allows the wood to bend and expand with humidity fluctuations, but will always revert to its original shape, which means no cracking or warping. This is by far the best material to use for bathroom furniture, and for this reason, most of the vanities we carry are built with it.

Deciding Which is Right For You is the premiere online source for quality built bathroom vanities. Here you can find bathroom vanities made with MDF or solid wood. If you’re unsure about what’s best for you, you can ask for help from one of our friendly bathroom specialists by calling +1-647-748-8400 or email us .

below are some example of solid wood and MDF Vanities:

36" Solid Wood vanity with Quartz top

 30" Solid Wood Vanity with Quartz Counter top - White base - Grey or White Top.

60" Solid Wood Vanity with Quartz counter top - Double Sink -Dovetail Drawers - White base- Grey or White top.

63" MDF Vanity with Acrylic Composite sink - Double sink- White or Ash Gray or Havana Oak base.


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