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23 Bathroom Color Ideas to Elevate Your Space

23 Bathroom Color Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Are you tired of looking at the same, dull bathroom walls? Do you want to add some color and vibrancy to your space? Look no further than these 23 bathroom color ideas that are sure to elevate your bathroom to the next level!


  1. Powder Blue + Black + Tropical Bright

Create a playful and vibrant bathroom by combining a toucan-patterned wallcovering with muted powder blue vanity and wall paneling. Add black accents on the striped tile floor, light fixture, and hardware to give the room a modern edge.


  1. Soft Sage + Vintage Red + White

Pull inspiration from an existing décor piece for a cohesive palette. For example, use a vintage rug that combines rich red with muted shades of green. A soft sage wall color picks up the accent hue, while wood floors and natural materials complement the other warm neutrals in the rug. White trim and wall paneling provide crisp contrast.


  1. Aqua + Denim + Crisp White

Blue is a popular paint color for bathrooms. Play up the hue's calming attributes with soft shades of aqua and denim blue against a backdrop of crisp white. Shiplap walls and subway-tiled shower provide a clean foundation, while turquoise accents and a painted vanity introduce color.


  1. Black + White + Wood Tones

Create a modern and grounded look with white-painted walls, wispy white countertops, and contrasting tile flooring. Add black accents such as thin black frames and terra-cotta pots. The black-and-white color scheme juxtaposes well with natural wood furnishings.


  1. Olive Green + Creamy White + Rich Brown

Add a touch of nature to your bathroom with a calming olive green color scheme. Pair it with creamy white walls and rich brown wood accents for a warm, earthy feel. Large-format tiles in the shower and floor provide a sleek modern touch, while the wood vanity and woven storage baskets bring in natural texture.


  1. Emerald Green + Bright White + Black Accents

For a bathroom color scheme that feels fresh and modern, look no further than emerald green. Pair it with bright white and black accents for a sleek, sophisticated look. Try incorporating the bold color in unexpected places, like a tiled shower or a statement vanity, to create a sense of drama and excitement in the space.


  1. Blush Pink + Gold + Bright White

Create a chic and feminine bathroom with a blush pink color scheme. Pair it with gold and bright white accents for a glamorous touch. Consider adding a vintage-inspired clawfoot tub and dramatic light fixtures for a touch of old-world charm. Small details like gold hardware and a shimmery shower curtain complete the look.


  1. Grape + Forest Green + White

Add charm to a cottage bathroom with vivid purple and forest green. Use these colors in wallpaper to stimulate without overwhelming and draw the eyes upward to visually expand the small space. Install crisp white shiplap beneath to reflect the coziness of cottage style.


  1. Cerulean + Orange + Chocolate Brown

Add spots of energetic orange to calming blues. Use blue-gray color scheme to temper the brightness of orange artwork and accessories. A rich brown stool and matching door frame create a cozy atmosphere.


  1. Bubble Gum Pink + White + Black

For a feminine flair, use a splash of pink and pretty black-and-white floral wallpaper. Clean white countertops, polished-nickel accents, and funky hardware add sparkle against the bubble gum pink vanity. Choose paint with a high sheen for a luxurious glossy look.


  1. Khaki + Gray + Canary Yellow

For those who love traditional shades, take tan and gray to the next level with a pop of citrus color. Lemony accents brighten up the bathroom, adding depth to the room and setting off light khaki walls painted in an eggshell sheen. By installing board-and-batten wainscoting painted in rich gray with a satin finish, you can complete this DIY project that is easy to do but makes a noticeable difference.


  1. Purple + White + Brown

For a regal and elegant bathroom, try using pretty purple walls, continued in honeycomb floor tiles. A white vanity and neutral wall trim prevent the hue from becoming too heavy. Add a footstool in chocolaty brown to bring warmth to the bathroom color scheme. Opt for a grass-cloth wallpaper instead of ordinary paint, but remember that it may take more coats than usual to cover all the grooves in the texture. An oil-based primer will help prep the intended area.


  1. Powder Blue + Buff Beige + White

For a cool and clean look, powder blue tiles can be the statement feature of your bathroom. Dress the rest of the room in soft whites to focus on the tile work. Then, match the wall color with the blue tile by asking your local paint expert for a white with cool tones.


  1. White + Butter Yellow

A warm yellow and crisp white color palette creates a vintage feel in this primary bathroom. White-painted paneling covers three-fourths of the bathroom's walls, while the upper portion features a sunny-yellow hue. Thick, dark grout lines can be painted throughout the shower and floor tiling to emphasize the bathroom's vintage aesthetic. Use a foam brush when painting grout to prevent brush hairs from coming loose.


  1. Matte Black + Yellow + White

Mix classic white subway tile with vintage finds such as an old farm stool and a refurbished wall sink. Paint the underside of the sink matte black to add definition against all the white. Use yellow and black accents to dot the room.


  1. Fire-Engine Red + Crisp White

Don't be afraid to go bold with your bathroom color scheme. A bright red vanity adds sophistication when paired with traditional accents like an ornate mirror, vintage chrome vanity faucet, and sparkling wall sconces. Prevent a small space from becoming too busy by embracing loud color on a single item or wall.


  1. Blue + White + Black

Temper multiple shades of blue with monochromatic accents. In this powder room, blue patterned wallpaper provides a fun backdrop for a DIY dresser-turned-vanity painted in a similar shade. The satin paint on the vanity complements the black granite's polished sheen.


  1. Midnight Blue + Turquoise + Green Apple

One wall of patterned wallpaper can make a bold statement for a half bath. Bright green mixes with turquoise and a deep blue to form a splash bathroom color palette. A rustic wood vanity adds character while white accessories brighten the room. The round mirror mimics the floral patterned wall, making the space larger. Small bathroom remodeling ideas like this are great for a guest or teen bathroom.


  1. Seafoam + Cottage White + Silver

Pastel and white tones create a subtle yet stunning bathroom color scheme. Here, gleaming white and silver surfaces take on a cottage-style look thanks to seafoam green walls. Dark grout on the floor and the shower add visual interest to the planes of white.


  1. Ocean Blue + Sandy White + Wood Tones

Bring vacation vibes to your bathroom with popular color ideas that mimic vacation hues. Here, a blue and seafoam green bathroom feels tropical and modern, a successful juxtaposition of design styles. Subtle variations in tone keep the tile from overwhelming, while wood tones and off-whites warm up the space.


  1. Chalkboard Black + Walnut + Pure White

For a dramatic effect, try not-quite-black bathroom paint colors. In this bathroom, the almost-black colors on the wall, tub exterior, and slate floor create continuity, while white shiplap paneling lightens the look. A mid-tone walnut vanity adds another strong tone, but the warm finish adds earthy appeal. Adding a pop of color or two via accessories in bathroom designs with neutrals will bring the space to life.


  1. Navy Blue + Soft Gray + Brass

This striking bathroom color scheme plays with strong contrasts. A dark navy blue wall color anchors the space, while soft gray and brass accents add warmth and texture. The result is a modern yet timeless look that feels both elegant and cozy. Consider adding bold black and white patterned tile to the shower or floor for an extra pop of visual interest.


  1. Bathroom Color Ideas for Every Style

No matter your style, there's a bathroom color scheme that's perfect for you. Whether you prefer cool blues and grays, warm neutrals, or bold and bright hues, there's a way to make your bathroom feel like your own personal oasis. So get creative, have fun, and don't be afraid to take some risks with color!


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