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Get the perfect vanity for your bathroom

Get the perfect vanity for your bathroom

Shopping for the perfect bathroom vanity? With size and style options to fit any space, you'll be sure to find what works best in your renovation. Whether it's a single sink or double unit that meets your needs, traditional or contemporary design takes center stage with shades of white as well as darker stained wood - even natural tones! Pre-made combos make installation hassle free while giving off an eye catching unified vibe. Don't forget storage; this may prove essential since some bathrooms have limited room available outside the vanity itself!

Outfit your space in style! Strategically plan a vanity that features an array of drawers and cupboards, then accessorize with stunning hardware to harmoniously coordinate all the elements in your bathroom.

Step into the vanity store in Toronto and be prepared for transformation! Surrounded by an array of makeup and skincare products, you will be spoilt for choice as you search for the perfect look that captures your unique flair. With help from the knowledgeable staff, you will have all the tips and advice required to create a look that reflects your individuality. Make sure you make this vanity store toronto part of your must-see destinations during a visit to Canada's largest city; explore Toronto through beauty and discover the magic today.


1- Single vs Double Vanity: Which is right for you?

Ready to update your bathroom with a new vanity? Start by deciding between a single or double sink. A single-sink configuration is perfect for smaller spaces, ranging from 18"–42", and some up to 60".

Shop Single-Sink Vanities

Looking for extra storage space in shared bathrooms? Check out our selection of 48"-72" wide double-sinks! Customize any style you choose: wall mounted or freestanding. The options are endless – so take the first step now and find the right Vanity that fits your vision!

Shop Double-Sink Vanities

2- The best way to mount your bathroom vanity

We have two main mounting types to choose from, so it's easy to find the perfect one for you. Choose between two main mounting types

Freestanding vanities:

Drawers, cabinets and more- take advantage of the extra storage space you can get when shopping for a freestanding vanity! This popular style is securely attached to your wall but it's legs rest firmly on the floor. Shop now and make sure you have enough room to keep all of your bathroom supplies organized.

Shop Freestanding Vanities


Transform your bathroom from cramped to spacious with a wall-mounted vanity! Our stunning, adjustable floating style gives you plenty of space and the perfect height for maximum comfort. Discover how easy it is to open up your room—browse our selection today!

Shop Floating/Wall Mounted Vanities

3- How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Bathroom Vanity

There are many different materials to choose from when selecting your vanity. Here we will explore the most popular materials for both countertops and bases.



Ceramic countertops provide a beautiful, easy-to-maintain surface that is perfect for any space! Unlike many materials, ceramic naturally resists moisture and can enhance vanities with its range of colours and styles. To keep your vanity looking great over time it's important to reseal it periodically - but otherwise this low maintenance option excels when you want effortless beauty in the home.

Shop Ceramic-Top Vanities


Add a touch of luxe to your home with natural stone countertops! From sleek granite and mesmerizing marble, there's an array of sumptuous options - all designed to help your space look its best. Polishing regularly ensures these dreamy surfaces remain strong and stain-resistant for years on end. Ready to find the perfect one? Shop our luxurious collection now!

Shop Stone-Top Vanities

Quartz :

Give your bathroom the perfect contemporary look with easy-care quartz countertops! This trendsetting option is excellent for any style of space, boasting a wide range of colour options to choose from. Plus, it’s highly hygienic and scratch/crack resistant – so you can enjoy long lasting beauty without worrying about maintenance or upkeep. Make sure to check out our great selection of quartz vanities today!

Shop quartz-Top Vanities

Base Materials

Wood: With its classic to contemporary appeal, a wood vanity base can bring your bathroom decor to life. Choose among solid hardwoods, particleboard and other options – each one crafted with precision in mind then sealed for added protection against any moisture. The limitless selection of styles ensures you'll find the perfect fit that complements both your décor and budget!

Shop Wood Vanity Bases

Metal: Get a modern, waterproof look for your bathroom with metal vanity bases. Constructed out of stainless steel, these vanities offer maximum durability and resilience in even the dampest environments - just be sure to wipe away those smudges and fingerprints! Have confidence knowing you can shop easily online for reliable metal bases right here.

Shop Metal Vanity Bases

4-How to choose the right style for you

Style is a crucial element to consider when selecting the perfect vanity for your bathroom. To create an enduring look, opt for traditional-style vanities with wooden elements and intricate carvings. For modern spaces, don't forget sleek lines, minimal hardware details - think smooth textures & subtle accents!

Under mount Sink: Upgrade your countertop with an undermount sink! As the most popular style on the market, these sinks offer easy cleaning and maximize space. Enjoy a new look for less: shop our selection of stylish undermount sink vanities today!

Shop Under mount Sink Vanities

Drop-In Sink : Check out our selection of stylish Drop-In Sink Vanities! These sinks are effortlessly installed on top of the countertop, plus they feature a raised lip that lends extra stability. Explore your options today and find the perfect fit for your home.

Shop Drop-In Sink Vanities

Vessel Sink: Refresh your bathroom with a new vessel sink vanity! These bowl-shaped beauties are easy to install and give bathrooms an instant modern upgrade. Check out our selection of unique vanities today for unbeatable style, quality, and value.

Shop Vessel Sink Vanities

Integrated: Create a streamlined bathroom aesthetic with integrated sink vanities! These sleek designs join the countertop and basin into one harmonious piece, so you can craft a unified look throughout your space. Get yours today to experience total visual harmony in your home.

Shop Integrated Sink Vanities

5- Bathroom vanities: everything you need to know

When selecting a new bathroom vanity, there are a few factors to consider. Make sure you select the right materials and style for your home.


Discover the perfect vanity size for your space! Our guide Vanity Dimensions: How to Find the Size for You offers step-by-step instructions on calculating a bathroom vanity that will fit perfectly. Measure interior spaces such as drawers or cabinets, and don't forget about doorways - measure any front doors, hallways and stairwells that lead where you'll place it so delivery is easy breezy!

72 inch bathroom vanities

60 inch bathroom vanities

60 inch bathroom vanity single sink

48 bathroom vanity with top

42 inch bathroom vanity

40 inch Bathroom Vanity

36 inch bathroom vanity

32 inch bathroom vanity

30 inch bathroom vanity

24 inch Bathroom Vanity


Maximize storage in your bathroom with a vanity that fits the room. If it's an en suite, consider extra drawers and shelves to hold everything you need. In contrast, for rarely-used guest bathrooms simply select something spacious enough for cleaning supplies and toiletries only!


Upgrade your bathroom with the luxurious style of Stonewood Bathroom Vanities ! Our Stonewood vanity come fully assembled so you can enjoy a stress-free upgrade. Choose from our selection of modern and traditional designs, then let us do the rest - free shipping on all orders in Ontario & Quebec makes ordering easy. Don't wait any longer; order your beautiful new vanity today!


Transform the look of your bathroom with one of our amazing CCSupply “ construction commodities supply “ bathroom vanities! Choose from single or double sinks, a range of finishes and high-quality materials that are designed to last. Plus, enjoy free shipping on all orders within Ontario & Quebec — no assembly required so you can start your project right away! Whether it's modern makeup vanity for her or traditional styling for him; get inspired today by choosing the perfect new fixture and create a beautiful sanctuary in any home.

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