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Maximize bathroom potential with the perfect bathtub

Maximize bathroom potential with the perfect bathtub

Are you updating your bathroom? The bathtub is the perfect point of focus to set the tone for what could be a stunning Space. Before you search for materials and designs, consider some critical questions about what type of shower system would work best - from size to style! With all that in mind, you can feel confident making this crucial decision.

Who is the shower set for?

Give your bathroom shower set the perfect touch of flair and practicality according to who will use it. If children are involved, settle for a roomy setup. At the same time, adults can enjoy modern styling with curves that capture the on-trend fashion. Make sure everyone is well taken care of – inside and outside! What space do I have?

When considering the perfect shower faucet for your bathroom, striking a balance between what you'd like to include and how much space is available should be top of mind. Squeeze too many items in, and it can quickly become cramped - no one wants an overcrowded morning routine! Create enough breathing room so that everyone feels comfortable through their daily rituals.


Irrespective of space and family needs, the practicality should be a key consideration when selecting your perfect shower faucet set. Ask yourself – Is it easy to use? Will my room support its weight? Don't forget the essential details like plumbing that could make all the difference in an ideal choice.

Shower Set Type

When creating a bathroom oasis, there are plenty of choices for showers! Nothing will transform your shower like these unique options, whether you go with the modern look of freestanding sets or built-in designs that fit seamlessly into your existing space. Make this area yours by selecting the perfect set type today!

Built-in Shower Sets

Upgrade your bathroom with a built-in shower set! Get rid of those drab, outdated fixtures and install something that is stylish and snugly fits against any wall. Complete the look by adding in some tiles or get creative - if you're feeling adventurous, why not select one of our capable faucets to give it an extra flair?

Single Handle Shower Sets

Get the perfect shower experience with a single-handle or double-handle set. Whether for solo comfort or two, choose between an asymmetrical design featuring gentle slopes and steep walls near the faucet or a symmetrical look with central control locations to provide room at each end of your space. From wall mounted to floor-installed fixtures - get ready to take that shower!

Get the best of both worlds with an L-Shape or P-Shape shower set! Combining luxurious free standing bathtub space and convenient showering, these sets feature a unique asymmetrical design that stands out in your bathroom. For those low on area, corner showers are always a great option – they fit perfectly into small corners while still providing plenty of room to move around during use. From models with curved edges to maximize floor area to true corner designs for enhanced spatial efficiency, there's something perfect for every need!

Maximize bathroom potential with the perfect bathtub

Freestanding shower sets toronto bring a unique touch to any bathroom, providing the perfect centerpiece and making an unforgettable statement. From roll-top designs with classic appeal for traditional décor to modern fixtures that evoke luxury, these showers add character and functionality. With just one faucet and shower supply, you can create your dream escape from everyday life in no time!

Give your bathroom a stylish makeover with the perfect shower sets in Toronto that meets your family's needs. CCSUPPLY can guide you through endless options, from freestanding and built-in designs to varied faucets - so you'll have no problem finding one that fits perfectly within available space while still achieving an eye-catching aesthetic appeal!

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