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What Color Bathroom Vanities Go With Gray Walls

What Color Bathroom Vanities Go With Gray Walls?

Gray is one of the most popular neutral colors for bathrooms. That's largely due to its versatility. Perfect for big or small spaces, gray is easily incorporated into homey, traditional designs, sleek, modern bathrooms, and everything in between. The color brings class and timelessness to primary bathrooms, guest baths, and powder rooms.

The Importance of a Cohesive Design

If you've decided to go with gray bathroom walls, ensure you have a cohesive design scheme. Without a good plan, your bathroom remodel may come off looking unfocused. Selecting a vanity is one of the first big decisions you'll need to make. The vanity anchors the room and will dictate many other design decisions.

So what vanity color should you pick? Here are four vanity color ideas to consider.

1. White Vanity

A bright, modern white vanity is a perfect pairing with gray walls. White is commonly found in bathrooms, so it's not unexpected. It reflects light, helping small spaces look larger. Plus, white looks clean, and it's always in style.

White also lends itself to a wide variety of styles. Farmhouse, minimal, Scandinavian, and modern work perfectly with this color combo. You can add a pop of color to warm up the space. Metallics, pastels, brighter hues, and wood grain each look great with a white vanity and gray walls.

2. Gray Vanity

Even if you opt for gray walls, a gray bathroom vanity is a good choice. By mixing different sheens, textures, and hues of gray, you can achieve a handsome bathroom. If your bathroom gets a lot of natural light or benefits from loads of artificial light, you can use a darker gray for the walls and bathroom vanity. Stick with lighter shades of gray in small or dark bathrooms.

Unless you're looking for a monochromatic style, pick a vanity that's a few hues darker or lighter than your walls. Doing so will prevent the room from looking drab or boring. If you want to add some warmth while staying in the gray family, choose a bluish-gray vanity or incorporate bright accent colors such as yellow, red, or orange.

3. Blue Vanity

Blue vanities pair well with gray walls and are highly versatile. Darker, navy blue vanities bring depth and serve as the focal point for the room. Lighter, pastel blue vanities blend seamlessly into the overall design scheme. Blue cabinets can take on many colors of knobs and drawer pulls. Consider using brass pulls to warm up the space. Silver or even rhinestone pulls glam up the bathroom. Ceramic knobs lend a vintage look, and black drawer hardware helps your vanity look industrial.

4. Brown or Wood Grain Vanity

This pairing may surprise you, but gray walls with natural wood-grain vanities are perfect together. Brown and gray are neutral colors, with the former warm and the latter cool. A dark brown stained vanity contrasts with gray walls, creating the perfect pop. A honey-colored sink vanity works with light gray walls and copper fixtures. The two colors together make a great base for many accent colors and textures.

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

When it's time to buy a vanity for your bathroom project, explore all your options. Think about how your bathroom vanity canada  will blend with gray walls and if the combination lends itself to your desired design style. With a wide variety of vanity colors and styles available, you're sure to find the right pairing. Consider the possibilities for bathroom vanities to achieve the exact look you want in your newly remodeled bathroom.

In Conclusion

Gray walls provide an excellent backdrop for a wide range of vanity colors, each bringing its unique charm to your bathroom. Whether you opt for the classic white, sleek gray, calming blue, or the surprising wood grain, your choice should reflect your personal style and enhance the overall aesthetics of your space. Remember, a well-chosen vanity color can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your bathroom, so choose wisely.

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