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What size mirror should I get for a 60 inch vanity

What size mirror should I get for a 60 inch vanity?

Choosing the right mirror size for a 60 inch vanity is no small task. It's essential to consider several factors to ensure you achieve the perfect blend of style, lighting, and spatial harmony, even in the coziest of bathrooms. So, let's delve into the art of selecting the perfect vanity mirror, discussing the significance of measurements, and seeking expert advice.

When it comes to the size of the bathroom mirror above your vanity, it's crucial to strike the right balance. The mirror should be wider than the sink but about 2 to 6 inches narrower than the vanity. This ensures that the mirror hangs gracefully without contacting the vanity, backsplash, light fixtures, wall mounts, ceiling, or adjacent walls. Additionally, it's important to have ample space above your head, providing clear visibility of your head, neck, and at least a foot of space.

While there are no hard and fast rules or official codes dictating the exact size of a vanity mirror, there are design guidelines that can help you achieve a harmonious and visually appealing look. In this article, we will take you through these guidelines, provide mirror dimensions suitable for different vanity sizes, and address common questions surrounding bathroom mirrors.

Should the Vanity Mirror be Wider Than the Vanity?

No, your vanity mirror should not be wider than your actual vanity. If the mirror extends beyond the widest part of your vanity, it can create an illusion of a smaller vanity unit and disrupt the overall proportions of your bathroom.


How Much Space Should Be Between the Mirror and Vanity Edge?

Designers typically recommend leaving around 4 inches of space between the mirror and the widest part of the bathroom vanity Canada, usually the countertop. This measurement includes the frame if you opt for a framed mirror.

Adapting for Small Vanities

In the case of very small vanities, you can reduce the difference in width between the mirror and the vanity to 2 inches. This adjustment allows you to maintain the design guideline for sink width, which we'll discuss shortly.

Adapting for Large Vanities

You can increase the width difference between the mirror's sides and the vanity's edges to 6 inches for larger vanities. This prevents an excessively large mirror and accommodates the addition of sconce lighting on either side of the mirror.

Should the Vanity Mirror be Wider Than the Sink?

Absolutely! A vanity mirror should always be wider than the sink. This is crucial for both practicality and visual aesthetics.

Mirrors Smaller Than the Sink is Impractical

If the mirror is narrower than the sink, it becomes impractical in terms of functionality. A small mirror fails to fulfill its purpose in the overall design.

Mirrors Smaller Than the Sink Make Everything Look Smaller

Narrow mirrors diminish the perceived size of the entire vanity setup, even in the case of spacious and luxurious sinks. Such mirrors tend to appear as an afterthought and draw unwanted attention.

Metal Frame Mirror

One or Two Mirrors for a Double Vanity?

The classic and timeless approach for a double vanity involves installing two identical mirrors, one above each sink. These mirrors should not extend beyond the widest part of the vanity, be wider than the sink, and have a minimum gap of 10 inches between them.

However, if wall space is limited or multiple mirrors hinder functionality, you can opt for a single mirror that extends behind both sinks without surpassing the vanity's edge.


Other Considerations for Mirror Width

Sconce Lighting

If you plan to have sconce lighting beside your mirror, it will affect the width of your vanity mirror. Ideally, the sconces should be mounted on the wall above the vanity.

Adjacent Walls

If your vanity is recessed, alcove-style, or not centered on the wall, it will impact the mirror's width. Maintaining a few inches of space between the vanity mirror and adjacent walls is key to achieving an aesthetically pleasing look.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets or Shelving

If you have wall-mounted cabinets or shelving on the same wall as your bathroom vanity, ensure the mirror is a couple of inches away from them while maintaining a centered position.


What About Round Mirrors?

Their width should not exceed the vanity's when it comes to round, octagonal, or oval mirrors. Designers often use the width of the bathroom sink as a reference for sizing these mirrors. The diameter of round or oval mirrors should match or slightly exceed the sink's width.

To summarize, selecting the right mirror size for your 60-inch vanity involves carefully considering various factors. Remember, it's all about finding the perfect balance to enhance your bathroom's style, lighting, and spatial appeal. Feel free to consult professionals for guidance and expert advice.


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